Style Challenge: Guess Who?

I had been making my way through the shards of light stealthily when I perchanced upon a sugary cherub. I looked upon the face of innocence and curiosity and saw no faults of life that had touched near a breadth of the cherub’s layering. Indeed the cherub held a glorious little step. I would dare to compare it to the shakings of a plump cherry on a tree in a strong, but methodical wind.  The sweetness was bound to fall. At once the breeze gave me recognition of another component of the angel’s mellifluousness. Around the clavicle of the angel’s chest hung a knitted scarf of goodies. Wrapped in sweets this crystalline ruby encaged itself.

This angel was a trap, a danger to all dangers and a consumer of all that held itself steadfastly. An angel is nothing but a demon that appears to be shaded with light. This cherub was a demon and I standing in the dark held real verisimilitude and morality. I could be the saviour saving this apparition from itself and its misdoings. All I would need to do is descend upon the fiend’s stature and swoop away the false light that glows on the demon’s innards. The wondrous disasters awaiting to happen on the introduction of the succubus’s aroma. A gem with a light that shows no fear so as to discourage the darkness is more vicious than a stone that bears none of its interior.

I believed it was time to do some cherry picking. Ah, that look imparts no sympathies, but judge me not yet. Every being is drawn to a sweet scent and is doing more harm than good by appearing to restrain themselves. Is it not better to be honest or does authenticity not hold as one of your virtues. Anyhow I had decided to shed some truth on the blood- colored fruit. As I got closer I could hear the melody of that cherub and picked up some intelligence. The angel had familial relationships with whom she was on her way to meet to dispatch her holdings to.

It was there I sought to surprise this crystal with an unexpected arrival. I ran with avid ferocity towards the home of the cherub’s relations and snuck inside. To my dismay I saw an elderly occupant alive and very vivacious considering the occupant’s age. I was left with no choice but to swoop the woman away from the dangers of life. Taking the part of a saviour I kept the elder safe in my breast and my abdomen. What a lucky one indeed to be saved by me. Now all that was left in my mission was to start cherry-picking.

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