Bernard from Brave New World in 1st Person rather than 3rd person omniscient

Really rather beautiful, Miss Keate is. Lenina still appears to be more beautiful and attractive though. But oh, Miss Keate. I would like to indulge in Soma with her. And there is no reason why I should not be able to have her. I am popular and we are both free. I'll make a move right now. Yes an arm, now give me a kiss. Ah! The shutters! I'll get another chance. I have all the time in the world. Aah the Savage, so mislead and stuck in his ways. He does not understand the simplest of joys. Indeed he thinks too much. Shakespeare! What an outrageous question! He really has no connection with the people of this “other place.” How intriguing though. He really has put some weight on this Complete Works of Shakespeare. He believes in it as if it were his religion and William Shakespeare was his prophet. The solitary life is actually a state of unfound clarity and confusion. I can see why you would not want to encourage it. The youth might become like me. No. No more talk of these things, this is over. Now, Miss Keate. I enjoy her charming mouth's sweet whispers in my ear. For this evening would you have sex with me? Yes, I already knew the answer miss. I won't really enjoy the Soma, but to be with her tonight appeals to me greatly. Maybe we'll forget about it entirely in the rush of our meeting and just skip over all the niceties.

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